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Darwin *was* wrong!

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Well, kinda.

Evolution happens. But it can also stop and turn on a dime.

A new study of lizards in the Bahamas shows that the natural selection pressures that drive evolution can flip-flop faster than previously thought – even in months.

“Darwin was right about so many things,” said Jonathan Losos, a former Washington University biologist who led the study. “In this case he was wrong. He thought that evolution must occur slowly and gradually.”

The lizards and their changing leg lengths are yet another case of evolution occurring in real time. From finches that evolve longer beaks in […]

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Heads up, Marie Wilson will be speaking on Wednesday 11/29 at the OSU John Glenn School of Public Affairs at 4pm.
If you’re not aware of Marie Wilson, I’d seriously recommend checking out both the Whitehouse Project website and her bio.

If I didn’t have class I’d make the drive down for this one. It should be good.

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You Want Bipartisan Spirit?

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Fine, Speaker-Elect Pelosi is thinking about giving the GOP just that, except not the kind of bipartisanship they really care about. Via the Hill:

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has drafted legislation that would grant soon-to-be-unemployed Republicans severance pay while they look for jobs after Democrats take over control of the chamber on Jan. 4, according to a senior Democratic aide.

Democratic aides have kept details of the proposed severance package secret, such as how much former Republican aides would receive and who would be eligible for compensation. And it is not certain that Pelosi will introduce the […]

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