766 days until Election Day 2008, and we’ve already got at least one official candidate for President: Tom Vilsack.

Democratic Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa took the initial step in his long-shot bid for the White House Thursday, establishing a presidential campaign committee and seeking an early jump on 2008.

?Americans sent a clear message on Tuesday. They want leaders who will take this country in a new direction,? Vilsack, Iowa?s two-term governor, said in a statement. ?They want leaders who share their values, understand their needs, and respect their intelligence. That?s what I?ve done as governor of Iowa, and that?s what I intend to do as president.?

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  • Bettyjane

    Tom Vilsack, originally came from Pittsburgh. He’s a great guy, intelligent, educated and well-spoken. I met him this summer and we reminised about our days at the St. Paul Cathederal (he in the co-ed grade school, me in the all girls high school). He is definitely someone to watch. But, I also think Feingold has an awful lot to offer. Needless to say, I am pleased that these two fine, respected, articulate, informed, and active candidates are emerging. With Nancy Pelosi soon to be the Speaker of the House, I believe Hillary Clinton’s chances of achieving the Democratic nomination will drop. But, there is always the chance that someday, through the on-going efforts of active Democrats everywhere, that the the Democratic Party will retain their majority in the US Senate and Hillary would then succeed Reid.

  • Alan Harvard

    Hmm . . . but who will the bloggers untie.. er unite behind?

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