Right: Ohio voters, fed up with GOP corruption, swept up in state-wide races. Strickland, Brown, Brunner, Cordray, with Dann looking likely. Votes still to be counted with Sykes in a tight race. Nationwide, the House looks almost certain to flip, and the Senate will be very very close. The flip in gubernatorial races is astounding. Statewide issues in Ohio went exactly how I felt they should.

Wrong: Downticket performance was terrible. State House and Senate seats went strongly for incumbents. We have a 9-0 Republican State Supreme Court. Other Dem judges had disappointing performances.

WTF?: We have definitely flipped only ONE Congressional seat from Ohio – and that one only because Bob Ney is going to jail. We may not know for certain about OH15 until the absentee votes are counted, and who knows what the hell is going on in Cincinnati and OH01. Despite Congressional approval ratings of around 30%, voters seem absolutely unwilling to throw out their own congressman. I have little doubt that the extreme gerrymandering plays a role here, but in the end people get the government they deserve. And despite disliking Congress more than they dislike President Bush, they decided to keep their own representative. And I don’t know what to make of that.

I’m calling it a night. Still have to work tomorrow. I’ll weigh in then with more lucid updates.