From the ODP:

Columbus, OH Citing numerous problems at Cuyahoga County polling locations, the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit to
keep the polls open for extra time, ensure ballot security and make sure ballots are accurately counted.

The lawsuit, filed with United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio seeks to establish a new closing time for voters who could very well have been harmed by various election related disenfranchising problems such as:

Over a dozen polling places opened late this morning — many voters showed up and had to leave; those people should be provided an extra 90 minutes to vote this evening;

Machine problems this morning and throughout the day forced poll workers to use paper provisional ballots as regular ballots;

In addition to confusion and non-uniform application of the voter ID rules and the federal court’s consent order, other problems developed from the extensive use of the paper provisional ballots beyond all expectations;

The extensive use of the paper provisional ballots because of machine problems exacerbated the absence of adequate security systems for those paper ballots – additional security mechanisms should be ordered;

Because paper ballots were used by voters entitled to vote a regular ballot, but unable to do so because of machine problems, the court should order that all paper ballots designated as regular ballots by poll workers should be counted tonight as regular ballots;

Because paper ballots not designated as regular ballots might well include ballots which should have been designated regular ballots, those paper ballots should be segregated until a proper mechanism can be established that allows regular ballots to be cast as regular ballots and then allow for proper scrutiny of provisional ballots.

Voting problems in Columbus two. But something is better than nothing.

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