In the mailbag:

Ohio Revised Code 3505.18 (A) (1) (attached) says you can vote a regular ballot even if your driver’s license address doesn’t match your voter registration address. This is being violated right and left here in Columbus. At one north campus polling location, the pollworkers basically told me they didn’t care what the Ohio Revised Code said, they had to stick with how they’d been trained.

Locations so far that are having this problem, just the ones that have been reported to me so far (I’m sure there are many more)
20B, 39B, 21E, 16A, 16B, 16F, 41B, 41D, 41E

With the exception of 21E, these are precincts with a lot of students and a lot of other young & youngish people — most likely to move a lot and not have matching addresses. I don’t know how many people have had to vote provisionally because of this but it’s got to be a lot.

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