Interesting post over at Ohio 2nd Blog.

For months now someone has been posting on my site with the handle of Si promoting Jean Schmidt. The thing that the person didn?t realize was that when the post on my site I receive a notice that tells me what IP address they?re posting from. In the case of Si many of his/her posts have been coming directly from the House of Representatives:

Author : si (IP: ,
E-mail : [11]
URI : http://
Whois :

Now talking to some people about my secret insider poster from the Schmidt campaign, someone pointed out to me that what they are doing may be illegal. That campaigning using Federal equipment is against the law. Is this true? Is it illegal to do political blogging on Federal time?

While I don’t know anything about the law in this case, I do know that I have also had visitors – both here and at my OH-12 blog – from, which appears to be a pool proxy for House offices. So I know somebody from Tiberi’s office has been at least monitoring my blogs.

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