The GOP voter turnout program has been called our “secret weapon” in this campaign, and we have proven its effectiveness in the last two elections.??? Ohio Republican Party’s GOTV Page


This year we have a secret weapon of our own.

But it won?t work without your help.

We are looking for additional, dedicated, progressive-minded volunteers for a well-planned but very secret mission behind enemy lines.

We need volunteers from all counties who:

  1. have never voted in an Ohio primary election
  2. can dress (and talk) about issues from a conservative perspective

Please contact me directly at JOSEPH@PLUNDERBUND.COM for more information.

  • Dave Hickman


  • Dave Hickman

    It would be better to openly focus on activities such as depicted in the below ongoing documentary.

    Home Box Office (Cable TV) – “Hacking America”

    This cautionary documentary exposes the vulnerability of computers – which count approximately 80% of America?s votes in county, state and federal elections – suggesting that if our votes aren?t safe, then our democracy isn?t safe either.


  • Dave Hickman

    Opps… the title is “Hacking Democracy” not “Hacking America” … but both apply.

  • Bob

    TOTALLY AWESOME! I’m sure the GOP does this all the time.

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  • American Voter

    You people are amazing. In a post just above this “secret mission” post, you blast the Bush administration for having a trial end right before an election. Tell everyone how amoral they are.

    And now, you are actively recruiting people to infultrate the GOP to do what? Try to screw up their efforts to get their voters to turn out? Why don’t you put your cards on the table, tell the people what you want to do and then let them vote. Focus on bringing out your voters rather than trying to infultrate the other party to trick citizens or pull some stunt.

    If you have respect for this country in your heart, what you are proposing goes againt everything you claim to believe and value. It’s funny, Democrats used to do these exact same stunts in the South before the Civil Rights movement. They didn’t care about Blacks rights to vote, only that they voted against what THEY wanted. You haven’t changed a bit. Luckily there’s less of you now as a percentage of our country. And that number shrinks with every election.

    Why is it that Democrats are running on conservative platforms???? Hmmm??? I’m so glad Bush won Florida handily in 2000!!!

  • I?m sure the GOP does this all the time.

    Sounds like this says more about your headspace than anything else.


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  • I;m sure that an organization called ACORN has never EVER ever done anything of the sort either. I;m sure they just stick to getting absentee ballots to prisons, and tearing up unfavorable voter registration cards…

  • Jonesy

    More liberals playing dirty… glad I found this, now it’s time to alert the authorities.

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  • Steve

    Wow, I just love it when liberals forget to talk in code and just come out and openly and honestly say what they are going to do.

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  • Bwahahahahaha.

    Damn, son!

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