This is a good one. In response to Blackwell touting the endorsement of the Call and Post (Don King’s newspaper!):

I wonder how many blacks have been polled and hid the fact that they support Ken?

Tug those tin-foil hats on a little tighter, RABid! It’s election time!

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  • Dave Hickman

    This gives Blackwell?s computer experts an opening to hack electronic voting machines in urban African American precincts in order to flip votes from Strickland to himself.

    Unfortunately, it ain?t hard to do and is virtually undetectable. If you don?t believe me then watch the following:

    Home Box Office (Cable TV) – ?Hacking Democracy?

    This cautionary (HBO) documentary exposes the vulnerability of computers – which count approximately 80% of America?s votes in county, state and federal elections – suggesting that if our votes aren?t safe, then our democracy isn?t safe either.


  • Mark Jablonski

    All we can do is hope and assume that there are lots of Dems at the top that are worrying about this as well, and are in a better position to do something about it than we are. Please don’t be discouraged! That’s what “they” are counting on. Vote. Vote. Vote! Make sure everyone you know votes, and if you really care, volunteer to make a few calls! Every call counts, every vote counts.

  • dirtgirl

    If someone would be so bold as to flip all the black precinct votes to be for Blackwell, they’re going to have to do the same for Sykes and Espy or people will know something fishy is up.

  • Dave Hickman

    How will you know dirtgirl?

    How will ANYONE know ?

    Watch the HBO show “Hacking Democracy” and tell me “HOW WILL YOU OR ANYONE ELSE KNOW” ??

    “Hacking Democracy” Showings on HBO>

  • If Blackwell comes anywhere near winning after the polling of the past few months there will be questions. If he wins, there will be riots. I don’t see that happening.

    It’s simple, really. The black vote is 82/11 right now. Half of what Blackwell has been shown capable of in that demo. It’s silly to think that would change by more than a few points. There are plenty of people looking for evidence this time – on the actual day it might happen, not years later.

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