I just finished watching this totally excellent documentary about BlackBoxVoting.org on HBO called Hacking Democracy, and the trouble with secret computerized vote tabulating.

My first thought – Diebold uses Microsoft Access for vote tabulation? Seriously?

My second thought – the documentary clearly lays out why this should be a bipartisan issue about the accuracy of our election processes, not partisan. Anyone who thinks that elections should remain as secretive and unaccountable as they are now has an agenda.

This is a fabulous documentary, with some actual video evidence of malfeasance. They even demonstrate and document how to steal an election without leaving a trace. Everyone, regardless of your economics, should see this. It next airs at noon tomorrow (4 Nov) on HBO2.

There is a solution.

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  • Mark Jablonski

    I agree there are problems, but I must stress again: Please don?t be discouraged! That?s what ?they? are counting on. Vote. Vote. Vote! Make sure everyone you know votes, and if you really care, volunteer to make a few calls! http://www.paintohioblue.com http://www.moveon.org http://www.americavotes.org Every call counts, every vote counts.

  • Brian

    I’m going to be calling to help GOTV with MoveOn on Monday night. And I’m going to be a full-time blogger on Tuesday.

    I don’t find it discouraging – I find it invigorating. This is why I starting blogging. This is why I’m fighting.

  • Mark Jablonski

    I do not doubt your dedication Brian. That reply is mainly for others who happen along Plunderbund. I appreciate your blogging efforts very much,and know that I’m not the only one. Keep it up, just a few more days.

  • amen on OVC! I’ve been a card carrying member for over a year now.

  • Dave Hickman

    Thank you for posting this Brian !

  • Bettyjane

    Voter suppression has taken many forms in Ohio under the GOP controlled House and Secretary of State.

    The thought that it is not worth the hassle to go and vote has been firmly implanted by their ID rules and selection of paperless trail voting machines.

    What they are counting on is that many will not go to the polls. To that I say, DON’T LET THESE THUGS WIN.

    VOTE ON NOV. 7 to send Blackwell and all his GOP buddies to the unemployment line.

  • Do all you can in these last days. Join us at the offices on Tuesday. Feed tips to the blogs about what is going on no matter where you are if you are involved that day. Read and comment on what is going on. Don’t let anything stop you.

    I totally agree on the props. Brian and Joseph have both been keeping this place lively. Nice work fellas! Plundercrew!!

  • Not good enough. OVC’s perspective is much too narrow. Software alone is not the solution. In fact, software, as a concept, is part of the problem. This is an issue that screams for some dedicated special purpose hardware support.

    The vote recording on the machines needs to be taken OUT OF the control of software if you want absolute security.

    The existing voting machine architectures are genetically flawed. These machines need to go to the landfill or be converted into information kiosks at a mall.

    I’ve started sketching out a new hardware design that would eliminate the possibility of a machine being hacked by moving the vote counting into an independent hardware module with very restricted communication possibilities (hardware enforced) between itself and the CPU displaying voter information.

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