Basically, a Mansfield woman quit her job at Wal-Mart – and she was a dedicated employee, even getting married in a Wal-Mart – because they joined the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. She seems to misunderstand the point of business – to make money.

Today Wal-Mart is not the same company Mr. Sam started. I think he would rather see it go under than to see what it has become. Mr. Sam loved God ? the store he began does not!

Pandagon collected a number of totally awesome quotes from, and I’ve copied a few of my favorites below.

  • So once more, the assault by the leftists has succeeded in ?taking down? yet another corporation that was formerly based on family values vs. on leftist ?no values?. How sad.
  • I personally used to love shopping at WalMart, but when they put up all their signs in English AND Spanish, I rarely go there now. Our community has Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese and several others beside Mexicans.
  • Why on EARTH does any company (aside from one making sex toys, etc) need to create an entire marketing division focused on attracting people with a certain sexual preference? They did not hire a ?heterosexual marketing? group, or a ?beastiality marketing? group. Where is the ?pedophile marketing? division? What other sexual preferences can they create an entire marketing division for?
  • Unfortunately, I have a relative who claims to be a lesbian. Such does not make me sympathetic to her in any sense other than sincere regret for her choice and earnest hope for her reform. There is no reason to assume that the majority of others who have a relative in similar circumstances view the situation any differently.
  • The answer is clear and obvious. WalMart is trying to get the socialist, anti-Corporation leftists off of it?s back. The only way to do that is to donate to their leftist causes and to embrace the ideology of the left. I bet the DemRats/leftists are celebrating everywhere over this.

Awesome. I cower before the sheer insanity that is FreeRepublic.