We’ve all seen the signs that a significant swing Blue is possible in the House. However, something changed this weekend, and a number of districts are polling significantly more Democratic now than they were last week. Someone I know who works in the NRCC told me today that while he still believes that the GOP holding the House is possible (a large number of races are within the polling MOE), he now believes that the previous “nightmare” scenario – a 30+ seat loss – is now “50/50”.

This is not the time to sit back, feeling secure that the House majority is won. Every seat we win now is a seat that is easier to hold next time. Now is when we push hard to get people like Shamansky and Wulsin over the top in districts that have been safe seats for the GOP – and are now both winnable races for the Democrats.

This is the first step in rebuilding America’s proud tradition of progressive politics.

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