From the monthly archives: October 2006

From yesterday’s Dispatch:

Now comes GOP gubernatorial nominee J. Kenneth Blackwell, trailing badly in the polls, with an October surprise against Democrat Ted Strickland. With homophobic bloggers serving as campaign adjuncts to spread rumors that Strickland, married for 18 years, is gay, Blackwell accused Strickland of harboring a pedophile on his payroll.

Moreover, Blackwell twisted a vote Strickland cast in Congress to suggest that Strickland supports sex between adults and children.

Voters won?t believe the unbelievable. It defies logic ? particularly when the only evidence is innuendo ? that a married, ordained Methodist minister and psychologist with an ethically […]

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Brown & Fox at Drinko Hall @ OSU

On October 30, 2006 By

Michael J. Fox and Sherrod Brown are hosting a rally at Drinko Hall on the Ohio State Campus (law building) at 10:30AM today.

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On October 29, 2006 By

J Matthew Yuskewich?is the treasurer for this retarded issue 4 thing- ??you know,?the “smoke less ohio”?constitutional amendment that is on the ballot this year thanks to the millions of dollars worth of signatures paid for by big tobacco companies.

Anyway- 30 seconds of searching reveals that this guy?is?some kind of professional Treasurer-for-Hire…

He’s also?treasurer for the?Ohio House Republican Campaign Committee.

Oh- and he’s connected to caveman-lawyer Scott Pullins.

Big fucking surprise!

I’m not sure if anyone has done any polling on this- but this issue NEEDS TO FAIL.

Given the?current polical […]

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In today’s Dispatch:

“This is a really, really important election,” [David] Barton said during a speech at Potter?s House Church of God on the West Side.

“Take your Sunday school class to vote, and you?ve got to start breaking fingers if they don?t,” he said.

Barton, a former Christian school teacher, vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party and founder of WallBuilders, has become a conservative icon because of his research showing what he says is the Christian heritage of the Founding Fathers and other key figures of American history.

How Christ-like of him!

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New Shamansky Ad

On October 27, 2006 By

HT, BlueBexley.

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It’s about time?someone stopped?letting?Blackwell blame everyone else…

From yesterday’s WSJ:?

Ohio GOP’s Blackwell Has Hand in His Own Problem
October 26, 2006; Page A19

Jason Riley’s Oct. 19 editorial-page commentary “Ohio’s Fall Guy” immediately brought to mind a familiar plank of Republican thinking and a regular theme of your editorial page. That concept is “personal responsibility.” Mr. Riley assumes that Ohio Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Blackwell will be defeated on Nov. 7. With that assumption in mind, he then searches for every other Ohio Republican to blame as he foreshadows Mr. Blackwell’s defeat. To read his words […]

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I hate politics, part deux

On October 27, 2006 By

As tons and tons of great news pours in for liberal and progressive voters in Ohio, I find myself more and more disgusted with politics.

First, Strickland continues to pull away from the divisive Ken Blackwell, and the result we get is some really sleazy mudslinging from not just “conservative” bloggers, but from Blackwell’s campaign and the Ohio GOP.

Now, as we get news that Brown has opened a 20 point lead over DeWine, and that Fox is coming to support Brown, we get this tripe from RABid:

Mike Fox’s attack ad plays on the hopes and […]

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Michael J. Fox to stump for Brown

On October 27, 2006 By

From Openers.

With considerable buildup, courtesy of Rush Limbaugh, actor Michael J. Fox will appear in Columbus on Monday with Sherrod Brown. Fox, who has Parkinson’s disease, supports using federal dollars to expand stem cell research. So does Brown, the Ohio Democrat running for U.S. Senate.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Mike DeWine stands with President Bush in opposing the expansion of embryonic stem cell research. Their opposition goes to their belief that the destruction of human embryos, even in research, is akin to the destruction of life. Parallels with the abortion wars are abundant.

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From last Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher…

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I don’t think there is a single thing that comes out of the Ohio GOP office that is in the least bit true.

It is not surprising that Sherrod Brown is enlisting the help of a Hollywood liberal, who like him, is so far out of the mainstream of Ohio values. What is troubling is that Brown would solicit support from someone [Franken] who compared conservatives to Nazis ?who should drink poison and die.?

Problem is, he never said it. Oh, and the photo they attached to the release is photoshopped – heavily.

What was the title of […]

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Odd anti-Cranley ad

On October 26, 2006 By

TASERing children? Really?

Take Back Cincinnati has the scoop.

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