From yesterday’s Dispatch:

Now comes GOP gubernatorial nominee J. Kenneth Blackwell, trailing badly in the polls, with an October surprise against Democrat Ted Strickland. With homophobic bloggers serving as campaign adjuncts to spread rumors that Strickland, married for 18 years, is gay, Blackwell accused Strickland of harboring a pedophile on his payroll.

Moreover, Blackwell twisted a vote Strickland cast in Congress to suggest that Strickland supports sex between adults and children.

Voters won?t believe the unbelievable. It defies logic ? particularly when the only evidence is innuendo ? that a married, ordained Methodist minister and psychologist with an ethically spotless 12-year record in Congress is a pedophilia-supporting homosexual.

I have to agree with Paul over at BSB: while it’s not working this time, it has worked time and time again – once so well it created a new word.

The reason it works? Because the media is too afraid to call a lie a lie. In the interest of being “fair and balanced,” good journalism has become giving each side a soundbite or quote, while refusing to contrast what those sides are saying with the known facts.