In today’s Dispatch:

“This is a really, really important election,” [David] Barton said during a speech at Potter?s House Church of God on the West Side.

“Take your Sunday school class to vote, and you?ve got to start breaking fingers if they don?t,” he said.

Barton, a former Christian school teacher, vice chairman of the Texas Republican Party and founder of WallBuilders, has become a conservative icon because of his research showing what he says is the Christian heritage of the Founding Fathers and other key figures of American history.

How Christ-like of him!

Barton‘s group, Wallbuilders, ironically is busy trying to tear down the “wall” of church-state separation. (Interestingly, Wallbuilders also claims that a flat-tax is mandated by the Bible.) And I’m not even going to get into the “Christian nation” BS right now.

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