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From yesterday’s WSJ:?

Ohio GOP’s Blackwell Has Hand in His Own Problem
October 26, 2006; Page A19

Jason Riley’s Oct. 19 editorial-page commentary “Ohio’s Fall Guy” immediately brought to mind a familiar plank of Republican thinking and a regular theme of your editorial page. That concept is “personal responsibility.” Mr. Riley assumes that Ohio Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Blackwell will be defeated on Nov. 7. With that assumption in mind, he then searches for every other Ohio Republican to blame as he foreshadows Mr. Blackwell’s defeat. To read his words literally, one might surmise that Mr. Blackwell holds no responsibility for the assumed loss.

There can be no doubt that the current political climate in Ohio is poisonous for Republicans. Mistakes have been made, and the 2004 presidential race brought a multi-million-dollar political campaign that screamed at Ohioans that our economy is awful, and only Republicans are to blame. But to suggest that Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s secretary of state, is a helpless victim burdened only by the sins of his brothers and sisters is absurd. The same Ken Blackwell who (with Mr. Riley’s assistance) blasts the rate of state government spending from 1994 to 2004 currently presides over a state office whose budget has grown on Mr. Blackwell’s watch by about 73%. How did he afford the growth? Mr. Blackwell hiked 72 different business-filing fees. I cannot recall the last time your newspaper so ardently embraced such taxing and spending.

To be clear about my motivation, I am proud to work for Gov. Bob Taft. I am equally proud of our work on Ohio’s current budget (the slowest growth state budget in 40 years), our real tax reform (including a 21% personal income tax cut) and a record on lawsuit reform that has been noted favorably by your editorial page.

My boss may not be perfect, but he has taken personal responsibility for his mistakes.

Jon Allison
Chief of Staff
Office of Ohio Governor Bob Taft
Columbus, Ohio