A report released yesterday ( Ohio college tuition 2nd in nation) reveals that tuition costs at Ohio universities is ridiculously high compared to other states.

When asked what Candidate for Governor Ken Blackwell would do about it, Carlo Loparo, Blackwell’s Campaign Spokesman, gave this cryptic response: “What we see is a variety of redundancies among our institutions, which really drives up costs.”

It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense until you hear Ken describe it in his own words.

Fortunately, my recent interview with Mr. Blackwell covered this exact topic: Efficiency in his Education Reform Plan.

To review, these are the four main points related to efficiency in the Blackwell plan:

1. There is a need to devote new attention to the efficiency of back office operations.

2. One way to cut costs and streamline functions is by consolidating common university functions such as housing, admissions and food services. This allows more in-classroom and innovation spending

3. Another avenue deserving of exploration is lifting the ban on one prime contractor for construction projects.

4. Finally, it is time for an expansion in the flexibility of prevailing wages.


I caught up with Ken this past weekend at the Pumpkin Festival in Circleville. During a short break between judging the carving contest and leading the annual hay ride against gay marriage, Ken explained his Efficiency plan to me:
1. First I’m going find EVERYTHING in our schools that can be privatized…
Privatize Everything

2. Then I will hand-pick just a few companies- and give them all of the contracts.
A Fiew

3. Competition? Are you kidding? I will make sure just ONE company is given complete control over each project.
4. And finally, the icing on the cake… I will cut wages- and CRUSH the will of the working man!
Crush Them

Pretty sweet, right?

Now get the HELL out of my barn! I need to get my hair and makeup fixed before the hay ride.