I wrote this post yesterday, but had decided to hold it until today. In the interim, the blogosphere has absolutely blown up with this ad, and Rush Limbaugh’s terrible “he’s acting” slur.

The choice is discarding extra embryos from IVF procedures, or using them to conduct research that might lead to a cure for terrible diseases like Parkinson’s, which affects 1.5 million Americans. Like my late grandmother.

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  • I decided not to post on this and just discarded a draft. I honestly could not figure out a way to censor it enough to convey how I feel. It was ugly…

  • Brian

    I hear you. I tried to focus on the positive aspects of Fox’s message.

    Of course, to Reeps that claim that Fox is exploiting his own illness for political gain, I say tough. You can make it go away if you just vote to support stem cell research, jerks.

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