Late October should be an exciting time for a political writer- especially in Ohio- especially this year.

So why is Lisa A. Abraham (Akron Beacon journal) getting story ideas from Carlo Loparo- spokesman for the Blackwell Campaign?

Seriously- why is THIS showing up in my newspaper: “Blackwell aide asks why Democrat hasn’t filed tax return in Lisbon if voter residency is there.”

How, dear Lisa, did you end up writing an entire article based on a desperate quote from Carlo?

Is NOTHING newsworthy happening in local, state or national politics?

Are all of the races settled?? The winners decided?

Or- has your editor warned you not to submit any more stories starting with “A poll was released today showing Strickland up another X points over his Republican challenger” ?

I’m sure you, like all of us, are tired and ready for this whole campaign season to be over.

But election day is right around the corner? and people are, for once, paying attention to political stories.

I’d hate for you to miss out on this great opportunity to publish some exceptional political news.


The next time you get stuck writing an article about some random, unimportant comment from the Blackwell campaign-? please give me a call.

I will gladly provide some colorful quotes and interesting insights to give your piece some pizzazz and help expose Carlo’s nasty rhetoric for the crap it really is.