Again, I refuse to drive traffic to this guy’s site, rewarding this kind of behavior. But it should be documented.

After printing some unsubstantiated “rumors” the other day, he continues today, “documenting” these rumors with an email from his “informant.” An excerpt:

I was at [redacted] almost all day last Monday trying to get evidence to support the rumor we have both heard. I got his 180 page personnel file and nothing hinted of the arrest.

That’s his evidence! THAT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE!

How much you want to bet that Corsi picks this up in World Net Daily, phrased something like “Pullins says he has evidence that Strickland [does something that could be used to get out the GOP vote]”, and bam, instant “credibility”. At least for people like Hannity and Cunningham.

Disgusting. Vile. Low.