Saw this over at BSB this morning…

Kenny ?Belt-buckle? Blackwell protected a Treasurer?s office employee who was arrested multiple times for cocaine possession and armed robbery.

The situation couldn?t be more unlike the Strickland situation, where a nasty anonymous letter at the end of a campaign attempted to ?out? his campaign manager. Strickland confronted the campaign manager and was assured the charges were false. The staffer left the following year.

Blackwell, on the other hand, was told by his human resources director that the staffer was a felon and should be fired.

Let’s not forget – the astroturf blogs have been bleating about Strickland’s willingness to consider hiring reformed felons. Blackwell not only had a felon on staff (as opposed to someone guilty of a misdemeanor), he failed to fire him when he had proof of said convictions… and the guy was committing sexual abuse of a child at the time.

Keep an employee on after an employee’s denial of an anonymous “tip” about a misdemeanor offense, or fail to fire an employee after proof of felonious behavior – which is worse?

I’m not going to bag on Blackwell for failing to fire a man who was committing sex acts with a 7 year old girl if he didn’t know about it. But it sure seems hypocritical to fire shells at your opponent for unknowingly having a man convicted of public indecency on staff.