From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Late October should be an exciting time for a political writer- especially in Ohio- especially this year.

So why is Lisa A. Abraham (Akron Beacon journal) getting story ideas from Carlo Loparo- spokesman for the Blackwell Campaign?

Seriously- why is THIS showing up in my newspaper: “Blackwell aide asks why Democrat hasn’t filed tax return in Lisbon if voter residency is there.”

How, dear Lisa, did you end up writing an entire article based on a desperate quote from Carlo?

Is NOTHING newsworthy happening in local, state or national politics?

Are all of the races settled?? The winners decided?

Or- […]

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This is good stuff.

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Again, I refuse to drive traffic to this guy’s site, rewarding this kind of behavior. But it should be documented.

After printing some unsubstantiated “rumors” the other day, he continues today, “documenting” these rumors with an email from his “informant.” An excerpt:

I was at [redacted] almost all day last Monday trying to get evidence to support the rumor we have both heard. I got his 180 page personnel file and nothing hinted of the arrest.

That’s his evidence! THAT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE!

How much you want to bet that Corsi picks this up in World Net Daily, […]

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Confused yet?

Eric takes a swing at the Dispatch for failing to mention public officials by name who are currently running for office who are seen “chumming it up” with Noe in the now-infamous birthday roast tape. Specifically, the official running for Attorney General. You know, the state’s lawyer and top law enforcement official? The current state auditor?

(We’re talking about Betty Montgomery. We even gave you more clues than the Dispatch did.)

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On October 24, 2006 By

Apparently Tiberi is suffering from tendonitis. Eric speculates that it might be from too much rubber-stamping, and suggests a solution.


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Irony, thy name is “Blackwell”

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Saw this over at BSB this morning…

Kenny ?Belt-buckle? Blackwell protected a Treasurer?s office employee who was arrested multiple times for cocaine possession and armed robbery.

The situation couldn?t be more unlike the Strickland situation, where a nasty anonymous letter at the end of a campaign attempted to ?out? his campaign manager. Strickland confronted the campaign manager and was assured the charges were false. The staffer left the following year.

Blackwell, on the other hand, was told by his human resources director that the staffer was a felon and should be fired.

Let’s not forget – the […]

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It was a dreadful season…

On October 24, 2006 By

It was a dreadful season for my favorite footy team, but they still managed to eek out a few nice goals – including a couple top-shelf displays of football.

Thanks to my pals at Climbing the Ladder for painstakingly reviewing all thirty goals scored by the Columbus Crew in 32 games played to pick just the best 10. Probably took all of 10 minutes.

Sorry for the diversion – we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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