Jerome “I’m shilling so much for Blackwell they’d had better be paying me” Corsi continues his insane assault on Ted Strickland over at WND.

The underground current of Ted Strickland’s Democratic gubernatorial campaign is to turn Ohio from a Red State bastion into a Blue State hot-bed of sexual freedom and experimentation.

The Ohio newspapers that have endorsed Ted Strickland have intentionally hidden from the state’s generally conservative readers that their newspaper endorsement stands side-by-side from a wide range of avant-garde sexual freedom groups and pro-abortion advocates who are betting their money that Strickland will win and advance their extremist sexual agenda as governor of Ohio.

This piece is so completely full of dissembling “unfacts” and outright falsehoods. “Sexual experimentation?” The media “intentionally hiding” the fact that LBGT groups strongly oppose Ken Blackwell? Of course, probably my favorite bit is the list of “questions” Corsi has for Strickland…

In the final days of the Ohio gubernatorial campaign, Ken Blackwell must demand Ted Strickland take a stance on each of these issues. Where does Ted Strickland in his support for:

  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender marriages,
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender clergy,
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender adoptions,
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender high school students,
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender applicants to state colleges, and
  • lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender recipients of state-provided social services?

What the hell? Corsi (and the astroturf Ohio “conservative” blogs) are continuing to try and scare the good workin’ folk of Ohio with this tripe. For starters, Strickland has already stated his position, repeatedly, on gay marriage – he does not support it, but he also doesn’t think that we should be putting prohibitions on it in the Constitution. As for gay clergy, I don’t think he’s said anything on it, but given his history I suspect he would prefer to leave that up to the individual denominations.

Gay adoptions? I don’t think we should ever choose to keep a child in need of a home from a stable and loving one simply because there is a gay person in the household.

The last three are completely outrageous. Is Corsi suggesting that gay kids be prohibited from attending school? Going to college? Or being protected from a violent, abusive parent? How is this representative of “family values”? How is this an example of “hating the sin, but loving the sinner”? He might as well be saying that black people should be prohibited from attending public schools and universities because, you know, it’s immoral to be black.

Then there is this “clever” bit:

Ken Blackwell should demand that Ohio voters have the right to know if Ted Strickland would also endorse a statement such as:

”I believe that Ohio lesbians, bi-sexuals, gays, and transvestites should enjoy marriage, participation in church clergy, school admission, school participation, and social service benefits equally with their counterparts in the majority heterosexual community.”

Until recently, Strickland’s advocacy of a radical sexual agenda has been relegated to a whisper campaign in Ohio. Ken Blackwell is unjustly criticized for attempting to out Ted Strickland on the truth of his sexual politics.

Yeah, that’s right – he structured the article to make it look like Strickland said that. It’s formatted exactly identical to actual quotes by Strickland, and placed in very close proximity. And then note the careful use of the phrase “out Ted Strickland”, carrying the “gay pedophile” charges into yet another article.

All of this crap is pathetic and disgusting. The hate some people hold in their hearts for people different than them is… unfortunate. The fact that Blackwell has brought in the “big gun” in Corsi to attempt to smear Strickland on a daily basis shows exactly how desperate Blackwell is. And fortunately the people of Ohio are seeing thru this BS, as Blackwell’s numbers continue to plummet.

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