Unfutz has done some excellent work, pulling together in one place a summary of the predictions for the upcoming election. General consensus: Democrats win the House, the Senate hovering right around a split.

Election Projections

I’ve provided here the most recent predictions as of the time I wrote this post, but you can visit Unfutz to get the most up-to-date version regularly (it’s updated frequently).

HT: Swing State Project.

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  • Dave Hickman

    The problem is, Brian, that I highly doubt that any of these surveys/polls are taking election fraud and voter suppression into account.

    Thus, I suggest that Democrats set their expectations meter a little lower based on the high probability of another “stolen election” syndrome for the election a few days from now.

    The Ohio Democratic Party and their party hack cronies have been ignoring and even ridiculing election reform activists for about two years.

    The current last minute “election protection” effort by Chris Redfern and Todd Hoffman, for the Ohio Democratic Party, is a token gesture at best. Adequately training election protection volunteers, the day before the election, is a flat-out impossibile task if the ODP actually expects to truly fight electronic machine fraud and voter suppression.

    The ODP should have listened back when election reformers regularly pleaded with Denny White from November 2004-December 2005.

    Chris Redfern should have listened in 2006, especially after Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s extensive story published in Rolling Stone Magazine about the Stolen 2004 election in Ohio.

    Starting “election protection” efforts now is TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE …

  • Dave Hickman

    I just found an excellent post at BlueOhioan Blog that is similar to my position above.

    “Don’t Relax” by Susan Meara

    “The outlook for Democrats is pretty rosy these days.

    But let’s not pull the offense off the field prematurely and try to run out the clock.

    Power stolen is not going to be given up willingly. And the LAST thing the Bush gang wants is John Conyers with a subpoena.

    Surfing around the blogosphere, I see my fellow Dems and progressives cheering at poll numbers and indications that the national bank of the GOP is closing its doors to embattled candidates.

    Do not believe for a minute that they’re going to take their ball and go home quietly. There is far too much at stake.

    I’ve been canvassing and what I’m hearing from people corresponds with the polls: enough is enough. Time to change the channel.

    But I’m not reaching every voter. And I know from studies done that the average voter spends about five minutes thinking about politics over the course on an entire election cycle. And that 22 million people stayed home in 2004.

    Obviously, if you are reading this, you are not an average voter. We are not the norm, folks. And it’s up to people like us to deliver the soundbite and the kick in the ass that will get the average people around us to get up off the couch and be heard.

    Reach out and kick someone today.”

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