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This RNC ad attacking Harold Ford in Tennessee has left me bereft of words. I can literally say that the first time I saw it I had a look of complete shock on my face.

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So unfair…

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… but oh so funny.


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After spending months reviewing and researching Strickland’s tax records, Blackwell’s campaign finally revealed this important piece of information:??

Ted Strickland filed his taxes using his work address.

According to Blackwell’s campaign spokesman, this information reveals a “scandal” (address-gate?) that brings into question Strickland’s “overall integrity”.

Really, Carlo?

You really think voters need to question the integrity of the guy who, early in this campaign, released his personal tax returns- making them available for public scrutiny?

You want us to question the integrity of a guy who pays for his own heath insurance- refusing to accept the congressional plan until universal […]

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