Eric has the scoop at his new blog at ProgressOhio.

“When a party approves as to ‘form’ only, that party is stipulating to the ‘composition and organization of the particular legal document?’ In the instant case, the Settlement Agreement was signed only as to form. Therefore, the Ohio Attorney General did not approve the terms of the Settlement Agreement as required by O.R.C. 117.33.”

Some quotes from the person who brought the case before the court:

The case was brought by Dayton tax attorney Lance Gildner and it seeks to recover the wasted money. Gildner, a Republican, told the Plain Dealer he’s “made a career out of defending taxpayers” and thought they had been ripped off in this case.

“The state spends a lot of time and money trying to collect extremely small sums of money from taxpayers. Here seemed to be one huge pot of money that maybe could have been collected that we shouldn’t be overlooking.”

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