Just one of those days – swamped at the paying job, feel like I’m being hit with a firehose of old news on the politics front. Can I keep this up for 3 more weeks?

Anyway, found this on YouTube the other day.

Coultergeist actually blames the 2004 election irregularities on Democrats. And she takes a swipe at Strickland’s faith. But – as is usually the case with Coultergeist – she fails to speak anything of substance in the 90 second long clip.

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  • I’m actually nervous about this voting irregularities tactic – When the Democratic wave sweeps over Ohio in two and a half weeks, there’s gonna be an outcry from the right that liberals have spent the last three years researching how to hack voting machines without leaving a trace…

    BTW, I sometimes amuse myself by trying to come up with lies about Ann Coulter that are as fantastical as the ones she tells about liberals (Ann Coulter was questioned in the shooting of Pope John Paul II, Every member of Ann Coulter’s childhood Girl Scout Troop but her died under mysterious circumstances by the age of 23, Ann Coulter donates ten percent of all her speaking engagement proceeds to Basque separatists, etc. etc.)

  • Brian

    10% of her speaking fees to Basque separatists? That’s pretty good!

  • Coulter is to substance as Bill Gates is to break-dancing.

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