Randy from A Christmas Story
Bush revised US space policy about a month ago, and details became known yesterday.

President Bush signed an order asserting the United States? right to deny adversaries access to space for hostile purposes.

Bush also said the United States would oppose the development of treaties or other restrictions that seek to prohibit or limit U.S. access to or use of space.

The provisions were contained in the first revision of U.S. space policy in nearly 10 years. Bush?s order, signed more than a month ago, was not publicly announced although unclassified details of his decision were posted on the Web site of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Now, I’m not the least bit surprised that anybody would move to guarantee their near-exclusive access to space. We have military supremacy in the air in virtually any conflict we might enter, and of course we would want to extend that supremacy to space.

But I can’t help myself from thinking of Randy on Christmas morning. “That’s mine! That’s mine!”

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