The Blackwell campaign tends to focus on one this at a time. And this week that’s trying to get people to think Ted Strickland is somehow similiar to disgraced Republican Congressman Mark Foley.

I guess they really thought Ken could pull off that NAMBLA accusation during the last debate.

He couldn’t- and it totally backfired.

So now they have Jerome Corsi trying to give their paraplegic story some new legs.

Corsi, co-author of the anti-Kerry swift boat book “Unfit for Command” and all around unlikeable guy, has written an article about three of the “leading Ohio moral conservatives” (ha ha – one of them is Scott Pullins) who are calling for Ted to drop out of the race for Governor.

So THIS is what happens when you are 20-30 points down in the polls and it’s 3 weeks until election day.