From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DeWine steps in it – big time

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Apparently, I missed some good stuff while I was off at the Franklin Co. BoE voting this afternoon.

Expect fireworks this afternoon as Sherrod Brown’s campaign for U.S. Senate blasts the Republican National Committee and Sen. Mike DeWine’s reelection committee and demands that they immediately take down commercials with demonstrably false claims.

This goes to the new claim that Brown failed to pay $1,700 in unemployment taxes for 13 years. Brown thought something was wrong about that claim, checked it out through staff and learned today that he had in fact paid the debt in 1994. The state of […]

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The Blackwell campaign tends to focus on one this at a time. And this week that’s trying to get people to think Ted Strickland is somehow similiar to disgraced Republican Congressman Mark Foley.

I guess they really thought Ken could pull off that NAMBLA accusation during the last debate.

He couldn’t- and it totally backfired.

So now they have Jerome Corsi trying to give their paraplegic story some new legs.

Corsi, co-author of the anti-Kerry swift boat book “Unfit for Command” and all around unlikeable guy, has written an article about three of the “leading Ohio moral conservatives” (ha […]

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Shamansky making inroads

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Time is starting to run out, but as early polling showed if Shamansky can get his message out there, he can win this district. CQ updated OH-12 from “Safe Republican” to “Republican Favored”.

12th District: Are you old enough to remember ? really remember ? the 1980 presidential race between Democratic incumbent Jimmy Carter and Republican Ronald Reagan? The disco era? The Philadelphia Phillies defeating the Kansas City Royals in the World Series?

Then perhaps, at least if you hail from an area of central Ohio in and around Columbus, you might recall the name of Bob Shamansky ? […]

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