From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Strongsville resident Mike Tyson has decided to publicly endorse a major African-American conservative politician… and chooses wingnut-lite Michael Steele over his homegrown African-American conservative Ken Blackwell.

If Krazy Kenny can’t garner the support of Mike Tyson, he’s clearly sunk.

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Election day coordination?

On October 17, 2006 By

A little birdie told me that somebody is trying to put together an election-day HQ for bloggers and activists here in Columbus to monitor election day activities. Stay tuned here for details.

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Former Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote an article for Human Events yesterday, and mentioned a few points I felt needed to be addressed.

Republicans are right on defeating terrorism, and the left is wrong in wanting to run and hide from danger and take up the disastrous policies of appeasement and weakness that defined the Carter Administration. Americans should never again face a 444-day hostage crisis in Iran or an energy policy which leads to gasoline rationing. If every American understood the consequences of losing to the terrorists, the Democrats would lose seats this November.

Gingrich continues to “launch the […]

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From Yahoo News:

President Bush is signing into law today new standards expediting interrogation and prosecution of terror suspects, a bill the White House says strengthens his hand in a time of war.

Bush’s plan becomes law just six weeks after he acknowledged that the
CIA had been secretly interrogating suspected terrorists overseas and pressed Congress to quickly give authority to try them in military commissions.

The bill ready for signing would protect detainees from blatant abuses during questioning ? such as rape, torture and “cruel and inhuman” treatment ? but does not require that any of them […]

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On October 17, 2006 By

I skipped last night’s debate, figuring the race is over and there there was no way this debate could be in the least bit consequential.

Boy, was I wrong.

I think I can hear Blackwell’s poll numbers dropping!

Lula Smith, 66, of the East Side, said, “I had a lot of respect for Blackwell when I came in, but I don’t now. I never saw this side of him.”

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