I’ve been wanting to write about the NRCC ad attacking Zack Space. Here is the ad:

And here is why the ad is wrong, from the Zanesville Times-Recorder.

To the Editor:

A television ad paid for by the Republican National Committee implies that the supporters of Zack Space are in league with our enemies. The truth is that the Council for a Livable World was established in 1962 by a group of physicists who participated in the development of the atomic bomb.

Realizing the destructive capabilities of such weapons, they felt it their duty to first, discourage the use of these weapons and second, encourage all nations to limit their spending on weapons so that money was available for more constructive programs which would enhance the lives of their citizens.

They are neither radical nor dangerous but thoughtful, intelligent people concerned with the future of the human race. However, after viewing this ad, I am inclined to believe that the RNC is radical and dangerous.

Joni Capes, Akron,

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