Scott Pullins recently posted a police report from 1994 related to the arrest of an ex-Strickland staffer that was given to him “by a confidential source”.

Wow! Could the The Pullins Report be the next Smoking Gun?

Scott seems to think so. “Bryan Flannery tried to obtain these records but was rebuffed by Athens County officials.” There you go. That proves it. Well, it must prove something, right? Or else why would they be so secret?

Maybe it proves that Bryan Flannery is a really crappy negotiator? Or maybe it proves that the report is NONE OF SCOTT’S DAMN BUSINESS?

Scott seems to think that this information must “call into question the judgement of all of the campaigns and federal offices that employed this individual” – namely, Ted Strickland.

“Did they not do any background checks?” he asks, annoyingly.

I went to the Athens County Clerk of Courts website and was able to find NO COURT CASES related to this arrest.

So, obviously, if a background check had been performed- it wouldn’t have turned up any of the information in Scott Pullins post.

But Scott already knew that- he’s a lawyer.

And that law degree will really come in handy when he is sued for revealing the full name and address of a 13 year old girl mentioned in the police report.