The NRCC is abandoning several races, and it looks like Pryce is one of the candidates being thrown to the wolves.

In this week’s House Line, Reps. John Hostettler (Ind.), Don Sherwood (Pa.) and Deborah Pryce (Ohio) are all cracking the top five for the first time. Republican strategists are extremely skeptical about any of the three returning to Congress in 2007 and may soon focus their resources elsewhere.

Good news. My pessimistic side was thinking that despite Kilroy’s good showings, the overwhelming media blitz against her was going to work. Apparently, the NRCC doesn’t think so.

HT: Ohio2ndBlog

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  • Fourth ranking Republican in the House. They NRCC is actually abandoning one of the House leadership?

    That’s, that’s just shocking.

  • Brian

    It certainly looks that way. None of the articles have spelled it explicitly, but the implication certainly is that Pryce is one of the races they are pulling money from.

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