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Am I wrong…

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Am I wrong to be excited about this already? I mean, the upcoming election looks to be pretty good for progressives (and America), the Buckeye football team is #1 and looking like another National Championship might be possible, and the thing that most excited me today was this photo:

I think I need a vacation from politics. This year-long blogging odyssey is wearing me out.

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Scott Pullins recently posted a police report from 1994 related to the arrest of an ex-Strickland staffer that was given to him “by a confidential source”.

Wow! Could the The Pullins Report be the next Smoking Gun?

Scott seems to think so. “Bryan Flannery tried to obtain these records but was rebuffed by Athens County officials.” There you go. That proves it. Well, it must prove something, right? Or else why would they be so secret?

Maybe it proves that Bryan Flannery is a really crappy negotiator? Or maybe it proves that the report is NONE OF SCOTT’S […]

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The NRCC is abandoning several races, and it looks like Pryce is one of the candidates being thrown to the wolves.

In this week’s House Line, Reps. John Hostettler (Ind.), Don Sherwood (Pa.) and Deborah Pryce (Ohio) are all cracking the top five for the first time. Republican strategists are extremely skeptical about any of the three returning to Congress in 2007 and may soon focus their resources elsewhere.

Good news. My pessimistic side was thinking that despite Kilroy’s good showings, the overwhelming media blitz against her was going to work. Apparently, the NRCC doesn’t think so.

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I’m shocked – SHOCKED I tell you – that Bob Ney pled guilty today… and refuses to resign from Congress.

Standing before Judge Ellen S. Huvelle, Ney pleaded guilty to conspiracy and making false statements. He acknowledged taking money, gifts and favors in return for official actions on behalf of Abramoff and his clients.

Ney did not immediately resign from Congress, and within minutes, Republican and Democratic leaders vowed to expel him unless he steps down.

Don’t forget: Joy Padgett, GOP candidate to replace Ney, is not only someone who would accuse a man who had been held […]

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ThinkProgress is organizing a letter email-writing campaign to convince FOX News Sunday to ask Condi Rice the same question they asked Bill Clinton:

Why didn’t you do anything in response to the USS Cole bombing?

Of course, Clinton’s available options were limited, as the intelligence community took until early 2001 to certify that, in fact, bin Laden was responsible. Bush had eight months of time between when he took office and 9/11 to take some kind of action, and he took none.

Chris Wallace claimed that he asked the question of Clinton because he “got a lot of email […]

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Bruce Burnworth

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Haven’t talked about this guy at all but Bruce Burnworth is running for State Representative in the 2nd District (Delaware County). With voting already underway, if you live in Delaware County now would be a good time to read up on some of the down-ticket candidates like Mr. Burnworth.

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