Elizabeth A Arkley, an 18 year old student from Eureka, California contributed $10,000 to the blackwell campaign this year. She also donated $44,600 to Schwarzenegger’s campaign in California.

Holy crap!

That’s over 5 years’ salary for a person working full time in Ohio at minimum wage ($5.15/hour)!

But- if it makes you feel any better- Liz isn’t some super-star, child-prodigy investor…

She probably doesn’t even know about the contribution-

which was actually made by her father: Robin Arkley, “a foreclosure magnate from Eureka California” and “a well-known conservative commentator” on California radio.

This is just one of MANY, MANY contributions made to Ohio candidates by well-known conservative activists using family members’ names to circumvent campaign finance laws.

The list of Arkley contributions, each one $10K- the limit for individual contributions in Ohio- is pretty long.

Notice all of those donations made by Cherie Arkley- the “Homemaker”?

That is, of course, his wife.

And, not suprisingly, more money has been donated to the Blackwell campaign by “Homemakers” than by any other profession.