Pull My Finger

Come up with the best caption for this photo from the Toledo Blade- and you’ll win a Plunderbund t-shirt.

Anything goes- as long as it isn’t: Pull My Finger.

  • am i eligible?

  • Ken: This is how many people ModernEsquire counted at my last event…that bitch!

  • Joseph

    Of course… and so am I.

    and you can enter as many times as you like.

    Here is my first one:

    (moderator) This question is for Mr. Blackwell: besides the members of your family- how many african american friends do you have?

  • Ken: (licks finger first) There is not much air movement in this room. I’m hot. Ya’ll hot?

  • “The only part of electronic voting I’ve yet to screw up”

  • That pussy Carville, or maybe it was Dick Morris, told Clinton to hold his finger in when addressing people.

    Fuck that. I’m a Republican for change, I’ll put my finger any damn where I want.

  • Joseph


    (moderator) Mr. Blackwell: How many times, exactly, did George Bush call you a Nut?

    (Ken) uh… well uh… just one that I know about…

  • Brian

    “I am NOT a crook.”

  • Is that where Strickland’s numbers are polling?

  • Blackwell: “Is that Jesus?”

    Moderator: “No, Secretary Blackwell, that’s just the studio lights.”

  • I’d like to change mine to
    “The finger is the only part of electronic voting I haven’t screwed up yet, thus we are bringing in outside help in the form of Tonya Harding.

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