Homeschooling homophobe Gary Lankford was completely out-gunned at a recent panel discussion in Cleveland on Church and State.

Gary, if you remember, was paid a lot of money by the Blackwell campaign- and then fired by the Ohio GOP for sending out letters calling Ted Strickland and his wife gay.

Mr. Lankford’s ultra-right, anti-gay retoric plays well with homeschooled kids and their parents- but just sounds retarded when part of a panel discussion on religion and politics- especially when the other panelists are:

* Rabbi Richard Block of The Temple-Tifereth Israel
* Gary Daniels, litigation coordinator of the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and
* Bettysue Feuer, former regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

The full article covers a number of the stupid things Gary said- I am just going to include the stupidest:

Evangelicals and their views are being pushed out of the public square, Lankford maintained. He cited a recently passed California anti-discrimination law that added sexual orientation to the list of protected civil rights. A bill pending in that state would prohibit public school personnel from saying anything negative about homosexuality, Lankford said.

This restricts Christians’ right to speak, he insisted.

  • I just found your blog by searching “homeschooling,” but I’m enjoying reading your posts and will add you to my list of reads. It’s unfortunate that the only homeschoolers that seem to make it into the news do so by being fundamentalist wackos. Thankfully, I know several homeschoolers (online and in the real world) who are very progressive thinkers.

    You have made my day with a great read!

  • Yikes! We just heard him talk tonight. I had no idea that was him–with the anti-Strickland stuff, but we heard him speak tonight.

    We would have had to bring that up in the Q and A, had we known.

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