Homeschooling homophobe Gary Lankford was completely out-gunned at a recent panel discussion in Cleveland on Church and State.

Gary, if you remember, was paid a lot of money by the Blackwell campaign- and then fired by the Ohio GOP for sending out letters calling Ted Strickland and his wife gay.

Mr. Lankford’s ultra-right, anti-gay retoric plays well with homeschooled kids and their parents- but just sounds retarded when part of a panel discussion on religion and politics- especially when the other panelists are:

* Rabbi Richard Block of The Temple-Tifereth Israel
* Gary Daniels, litigation coordinator of the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and
* Bettysue Feuer, former regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

The full article covers a number of the stupid things Gary said- I am just going to include the stupidest:

Evangelicals and their views are being pushed out of the public square, Lankford maintained. He cited a recently passed California anti-discrimination law that added sexual orientation to the list of protected civil rights. A bill pending in that state would prohibit public school personnel from saying anything negative about homosexuality, Lankford said.

This restricts Christians’ right to speak, he insisted.