The Ohio 2nd Blog has an excellent recap of Sherrod Brown’s appearance at the University of Dayton, and the attempt by DeWine supporters to ambush him. They failed miserably.

The DeWine supporters came out with guns blazing. Several waited at each mic with questions. The first shot came from the head of the UD Republicans. I don?t remember his name, but Sherrod knew all about him. (One thing that?s a little freaky about Sherrod is how good he is with names and information about people. Several times during the event he started talking about other people there and what they were doing.)

Q: “Why would anyone support Democrats when they are for abortions?”

Sherrod?s counter was very simple: For abortions? I didn?t know that. How are Democrats for abortions? After some stammering from the questioner Sherrod hit that one out of the park. How Republicans like Mike DeWine only use abortion as a way to divide people, and if they were really concerned about reducing the number of abortions they would stop politicizing the issue and work with Democrats on health care and education and birth control so that we could actually reduce the number of abortions.

Good stuff from Sherrod.

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