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Brown @ UD

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The Ohio 2nd Blog has an excellent recap of Sherrod Brown’s appearance at the University of Dayton, and the attempt by DeWine supporters to ambush him. They failed miserably.

The DeWine supporters came out with guns blazing. Several waited at each mic with questions. The first shot came from the head of the UD Republicans. I don?t remember his name, but Sherrod knew all about him. (One thing that?s a little freaky about Sherrod is how good he is with names and information about people. Several times during the event he started talking about other people there and what […]

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Homeschooling homophobe Gary Lankford was completely out-gunned at a recent panel discussion in Cleveland on Church and State.

Gary, if you remember, was paid a lot of money by the Blackwell campaign- and then fired by the Ohio GOP for sending out letters calling Ted Strickland and his wife gay.

Mr. Lankford’s ultra-right, anti-gay retoric plays well with homeschooled kids and their parents- but just sounds retarded when part of a panel discussion on religion and politics- especially when the other panelists are:

* Rabbi Richard Block of The Temple-Tifereth Israel
* Gary Daniels, litigation coordinator of the […]

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Just a reminder (and I’ll post again on this on the 10th) – next Tuesday is the deadline to register or update your registration to vote. If you have moved since the last time you voted, you had better update your information now, or you will be required to vote provisionally.

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