Unfortunately, despite all the hard work bloggers do, most citizens do not read blogs, so when something reported here at Plunderbund makes it into the papers, I get a warm fuzzy feeling. We are doing our thing. We are shaping the debate. And most importantly, we are forcing Republicans to play defense.

Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo yesterday called Pratt?s organization “a well respected Second Amendment advocacy group and Larry Pratt is an unflinching advocate of Second Amendment rights.”

“We?re happy to have his support,” LoParo said, dismissing criticism of Pratt as “a bit overblown and a bit ridiculous.”

“If Pratt is a racist and intolerant, why is he campaigning in southern Ohio with Ken Blackwell?”

Good question. Or at least, it would be if there weren’t other ties between Blackwell and white supremacists. Back in March a picture of Blackwell speaking to a Council for National Policy appeared on his own site, and before being scrubbed it was preserved by a member of UAPA. CNP are a powerful, relatively private association of far-right-wingers of extreme influence. A few people suspected (because it’s hard to get membership rolls) of association:

  • Richard Shoff, a former Ku Klux Klan leader in Indiana.
  • John McGoff, an ardent supporter of the former apartheid South African regime.
  • R.J. Rushdoony, the theological leader of America’s “Christian Reconstruction” movement, which advocates that Christian fundamentalists take “dominion” over America by abolishing democracy and instituting Old Testament Law. Rushdoony’s Reconstructionalists believe that “homosexuals . . . adulterers , blasphemers, astrologers and others will be executed,” along with disobedient children.
  • Don Wildmon, TV censorship activist and accused anti-Semite.

Blackwell thought it potentially damaging enough for the public to know that he spoke at a CNP meeting that he scrubbed it from his campaign’s blog. Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

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