Saw this ad last weekend, and it’s finally up on YouTube. IMO, it’s terrible – and I’m not even sure what the point of the ad is. (HT: BSB)

You can see part of the Shamansky campaign’s response after the jump.

?Since Pat Tiberi knows he can?t tout his own record or defeat Bob on the issues that 12th District voters care about, he?s attacking Bob personally and trying to trash his reputation. Pat?s juvenile t.v. ad even stoops to making fun of Bob?s name ?something that is more suited to a middle schooler than a U.S. Congressman?, Butland concluded.

Butland added that ?what?s really disgusting is Pat?s implication that Bob is a tax-dodging carpet-bagger. Bob?s family has lived in Columbus for over 100 years, and Bob has lived in this city his entire life. Bob even represented the 12th District in Congress for two years. Some carpet-bagger.?

?As for Pat?s charge that Bob?s purchase of a condo at the Miranova development in downtown Columbus makes him guilty of a ?tax sham?, two points are in order. First, as part of its effort to revitalize the city center, Columbus officials asked people to consider purchasing residences downtown, and offered them tax incentives to do so. Bob answered the city?s call, purchased a downtown condo and in late 2005 began living in it part-time. And how did Mr. Tiberi respond in 2005 to the city he represents in Congress? He turned his back and moved OUT of Columbus.?

?Second, because Bob did what Columbus asked, Mr. Tiberi now says Bob is guilty of participating in a ?tax sham.? But a lot of other people also bought property at Miranova. Like former Senator John Glenn, Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith, Federal Judge John Holschuh, and Columbus Dispatch publisher John F. Wolfe. Does Mr. Tiberi believe they?re guilty of a ?tax sham?, too —or is it just Bob Shamansky??

Shamansky has a press conference scheduled today.

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