ProgressOhio, the group Eric left Plunderbund to join, has made their excellent community tools available to the public today. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to preview these tools recently, and I have to say that is providing a modern equivalent to the kind of community-building that started with Goldwater and ended with the current Republican stranglehold on government.

The liberal blogosphere in Ohio is excellent – one of the best in the nation. But to take the next step, to start building a real movement, we need to start building a strong, integrated community promoting progressive policy.‘s tools – RSS aggregator, individual blogs, groups, mailing lists, event calendars, to start – provide a central location where someone could find like-minded progressives, get their message out, and organize.

It’s a true grassroots environment. The tools can help us rebuild a progressive American consensus. It’s our responsibility to start by building a healthy online community. Encourage any progressive groups you are a member of to start using the tools at – to start building the community there, and to make it easier for likeminded progressives to find your organizations.