ProgressOhio, the group Eric left Plunderbund to join, has made their excellent community tools available to the public today. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to preview these tools recently, and I have to say that is providing a modern equivalent to the kind of community-building that started with Goldwater and ended with the current Republican stranglehold on government.

The liberal blogosphere in Ohio is excellent – one of the best in the nation. But to take the next step, to start building a real movement, we need to start building a strong, integrated community promoting progressive policy.‘s tools – RSS aggregator, individual blogs, groups, mailing lists, event calendars, to start – provide a central location where someone could find like-minded progressives, get their message out, and organize.

It’s a true grassroots environment. The tools can help us rebuild a progressive American consensus. It’s our responsibility to start by building a healthy online community. Encourage any progressive groups you are a member of to start using the tools at – to start building the community there, and to make it easier for likeminded progressives to find your organizations.

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  • Thanks Brian! So the beer paid off, eh? LOL. Appreciate the kudos and look forward to a growing community. Bloggers can look for the group I created just for us types. Others can start their own and begin connecting up in ways we hope will turn this state around.

    As always, feedback is welcome. The site is a bit bare, but all the tools work (few initial problems with group listserves, but tech. is working on that as we speak).

    Progress! Onward!

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