Staff expands on his statements last night.

You simply cannot inoculate yourself from having a different voting record. And this triangulation BS that Democrats keep trying weakens them. It makes them wishy washy, untrustworthy. That then feeds into the whole narrative the GOP construct anyway.

Sherrod Brown didn’t avoid any of that yesterday. By constantly running from these issues instead of making a true case, once again Democrats look weak in the eyes of the voters. This vote was a net negative for Brown. Instead of worrying about how some swing voters might have voted he now should be very worried about how many in his base might not bother.

I think he’s right. I understand that many moderate voters are pro-torture. I understand that, regardless of Brown’s vote, this bill was going to pass. But I also understand that this bill in inherently un-American. And I also understand that, unfortunately, Democrats have not done a good enough job standing up and fighting this, despite the fact that they appear to be in the minority. Congressional Democrats continue to allow Republicans to not only frame the debate, but to set the agenda and define all the terms.

It’s past time to make a principled stand, attack the GOP on their clearly wrongheaded positions, and to stop worrying about being perceived as “whiney”. We are right. It’s time to act like it.

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