From the daily archives: Wednesday, September 27, 2006

House approves torture

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The House today passed legislation that legalizes torture and prevents detainees from challenging their imprisonment in federal courts, voting primarily along party lines. The Senate bill is expected to pass tomorrow, sending the legislation to the President to sign before the Hill is vacated so politicians can campaign for the November election. John Boehner had something particularly vile to say prior to voting.

”Will my Democrat friends work with Republicans to give the president the tools he needs to continue to stop terrorist attacks before they happen, or will they vote to force him to fight the terrorists with […]

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DailyKos diarist cbastian has the story of meeting Zack Space. It’s interesting, if short on detail, and not surprising that Space left a good impression. I quite enjoyed meeting him myself.


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Got a burning question for Blackwell?

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Next Wednesday’s gubernatorial debate at the University of Cincinnati is currently taking questions for Blackwell and Strickland. The focus of the debate will be the economy.

HT People Have The Power.

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Laura Bush came to speak at a fundraiser for Joy “Terry Anderson is soft on Terror” Padgett last night. Unlike many Republicans, Padgett seems to be willing to tie herself very closely to the unpopular Bush Administration. Frankly, I think it’s because she’s showing her authoritarian roots.

In an interview after the event, Padgett signaled unwavering support for the president?s national-security positions and tax cuts but said she differs with him on immigration and free trade.

Padgett said she would take a hard line against illegal immigration, including the deportation of illegal immigrants. President Bush has proposed a path […]

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I know wingnuts will scream “class warfare”, but I don’t think it’s class warfare to report the facts. A study was released yesterday by the Center for American Progress and Policy Matters Ohio showing that most people are being left out in the recent economic rebound.

The study said Ohio worker productivity increased 2.1 percent annually from 2000 through 2005, but average weekly wages, adjusted for inflation, were up 0.2 percent.

Meanwhile, executive pay grew 3.4 percent on average and U.S. corporate profits jumped 50 percent in the same period, researchers said.

(I know this isn’t typical fare […]

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Franklin County Candidate Forums

On September 27, 2006 By

The Franklin County Consortium for Good Government has announced a series of candidate forums in October covering a variety of races.

This year?s forums will feature 26 races: two central Ohio congressional seats, 10 seats in the legislature, three statewide offices, Franklin County commissioner and auditor, and nine contested county judgeships.

Candidates for each office will share the stage, making a pitch to voters and answering their questions. Advocates and opponents of state and local ballot issues also will take part, but Pulles said the schedule for those debates hasn?t been set.

Visit either of the links […]

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The liberal media strike again!

On September 27, 2006 By

Check out the latest issue of Newsweek, and note the different covers for different regions of the world.


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Brown a Progressive Patriot

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Sen Russ Feingold (D-WI)’s PAC, the Progressive Patriots Fund, has selected Sherrod Brown as a Progressive Patriot, and has contributed money and resources to Brown’s election campaign to unseat Mike DeWine.

HT Ohio2006.

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Yep, the venture Eric left Plunderbund to pursue, ProgressOhio, got a nice profile on The Hotline.

A new Web site, ProgressOhio, is launching with a massive e-mail list and an ambitious goal. It aims to be a hub for grassroots liberal bloggers, a clearinghouse for local causes and information, and a link between opinion drivers in the state and an army of activists.

More broadly, ProgressOhio wants to direct the energy of the liberal blogosphere, already a potent force in Ohio politics, to concrete political and legislative tasks. Yes, it’s just another liberal Web site.

Now might […]

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