I read today that Bush is planning two trips back to Ohio to help raise funds for the two republican candidates that actually have a chance i.e. not Blackwell.

He’ll be here Monday for Dewine- and September 28th for Pryce.

Billionaire Les Wexner and his wife Abigail will be hosting the Pryce event at their home- which I have heard is quite nice and relatively large.

Which is a good thing- because Ohio is FULL of people just dying to pay $1,500 to see Bush speak for 10 minutes ($5000 for a picture).

As I mentioned in my previous post, Wexner is a HUGE Republican donor.

I did not, however, mention that his wife (Abigail) tends to give to the Democrats.

Her contributions don’t come close to matching her husband’s ($391,932 in total- w/ about $140,000 to the democratic party and related committees)
– but still, it’s nice to know that we at least have some billionaires’ wives on our side.

Let’s just hope all the billionaires married much younger women…