I read today that Bush is planning two trips back to Ohio to help raise funds for the two republican candidates that actually have a chance i.e. not Blackwell.

He’ll be here Monday for Dewine- and September 28th for Pryce.

Billionaire Les Wexner and his wife Abigail will be hosting the Pryce event at their home- which I have heard is quite nice and relatively large.

Which is a good thing- because Ohio is FULL of people just dying to pay $1,500 to see Bush speak for 10 minutes ($5000 for a picture).

As I mentioned in my previous post, Wexner is a HUGE Republican donor.

I did not, however, mention that his wife (Abigail) tends to give to the Democrats.

Her contributions don’t come close to matching her husband’s ($391,932 in total- w/ about $140,000 to the democratic party and related committees)
– but still, it’s nice to know that we at least have some billionaires’ wives on our side.

Let’s just hope all the billionaires married much younger women…

  • The SAME NIGHT Bush will be raising $$$ for Pryce, three progressive groups will be hosting a Kilroy fundraiser here in Columbus.

    Here’s the invite:
    (Click image twice to make it big enough to read.)

    And here’s my personal pitch, in the form of a DKOS diary:

    Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention! I live a few miles from Wexner, and I can’t believe he is supporting Pryce.

    Doesn’t it matter to these guys that she was named one of the League of Conservation voters “dirty dozen”?

    Doesn’t Wexner care about his kids? Apparently Republican eat their young.

  • Yeah,

    Wexner and Lindner pretty much run Columbus and Cincinnati, respectively, and I know this from having lived in each town (notice I did not say, “city”) for 7 years.

    The trick is when they start getting into philanthropy so that they can own purportedly progressive causes as well. This is what one Daily Kos poster noted about NAACP,


    “…I like your style, even if it’s intemperate, it’s creative intemperateness. I like that you touched on the way in which hallowed institutions from the civil rights era like NAACP are subject to intense pressures from those outside the organization who wish to subvert the “brand” from within. In this way, legacy institutions end up perverted and co-opted, since at the end of the day all organizations have to be run by real people in real time, in the present moment. If they don’t take steps to energetically preserve and adapt their mission to changing times, it’s like taking a cruise on the Queen Mary while she sits in dry dock. It’s pretty, but you’re not getting anywhere.”

    The NAACP is of course sponsored by BAE — the biggest paramilitary operation around.


    But alas, not all kossacks agree with me, and in particular Markos Molitsas himself has seen to it that I am banned from that board, even though all I’ve ever done there is expose government abuse — which is of course what Kos is supposed to be all about:


    Moral of the story then, is this:

    It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican if you still an assh*le underneath it all.


  • Joseph

    There are, of course, some benefits to keeping your ship safely in the dock. 1. You won’t get seasick, 2. It is very unlikely that you will sink after hitting a big chunk of ice 3. if you did start to sink, it’s a very short swim to dry land 4. no pirates. 5. it is MUCH cheaper- especially with the high cost of fuel.

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