A recent post on ProgressOhio reveals that “A federal court Judge this morning ruled that State Auditor candidate Barbara Sykes has cause to proceed in her lawsuit alleging that her opponent Mary Taylor used a race-baiting push poll against her.”

They sure do love those push polls…

Bob Dole used the SAME COMPANY as Taylor (Western Wats in Utah) to conduct negative pull polls against Steve Forbes in February of 1996. Dole went on to win the primary- but lose the election.

Ken Blackwell probably learned about the effectiveness of push polls when he was the national chairman for Steve’s 2000 presidential campaign. They, however, did not use push polls and they lost the primary to George Bush.

This year, Blackwell didn’t take any chances.

He used a different company, CCAdvertising, to conduct a series of negative push polls against his primary opponent Jim Petro.

Like Dole, Blackwell went on to win his primary and, also like Dole, is doomed to lose the general election.