From the daily archives: Friday, September 15, 2006


Dear supporter,

You are incredible! Since we unveiled this ad on Wednesday, which targets George Allen for voting against giving our troops the right body armor, donations have poured in fast and hard. On behalf of my fellow veterans, I thank you.

Reaction has been quick and strong, as well! DailyKos said it was the most compelling ad this cycle. gave it an A+. PoliticsTV said it is a “very well done ad spotlighting the difference between Sen.George Allen’s voting record and his rhetoric.”

You helped us hold accountable those that […]

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From Openers – HT BSB.

Washington ? Ohio Republican Rep. Bob Ney has agreed with the Justice Department to plead guilty to at least one criminal charge in a deal that could be announced as early as Friday, Capitol Hill sources said Thursday.

The Justice Department and Ney’s attorney would not discuss whether a deal has been reached.

“I don’t have anything I can share with you right now,” said William Lawler, a lawyer for Ney. Ney’s congressional office did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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It’s offical: Padgett to face Space

On September 15, 2006 By

Joy Padgett won the special election yesterday in OH-18.

She won nearly two-thirds of the vote in yesterday?s low-turnout election to take Ney?s place on the ticket. Unofficial results show that she received 9,451 votes, or 66.5 percent of the total cast.

Four other Republicans ran: financial analyst James Brodbelt Harris, who got 14.8 percent of the vote; Holmes County Commissioner Ray L. Feikert, 10 percent; perennial candidate Ralph A. Applegate, 5.4 percent; and retired newspaper publisher Samuel “Jerry” Firman, 3.4 percent. Harris and Applegate ran in the May primary: Harris as a Republican against Ney and Applegate as […]

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