Princeton University researchers demonstrate how a Diebold machine can be compromised in under one minute to silently and undetectably steal an election.

This isn’t – or at least shouldn’t be – a partisan issue. Democracy relies on the integrity of elections. Technology can be used to make elections less vulnerable to fraud, but Diebold’s approach clearly isn’t how to achieve that goal. There is an alternative; one whose code is open for public review, and generates a voter-verifiable, auditable paper trail.

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  • Cultural Creatives Co-op


    What a surprise to see the topics Brian Rothenberg publishes when he is no longer restrained by the idiots at Ohio Democratic Party Headquarters.

    We want more Brian! What else did Mobster White and Prince Redfern keep you from “communicating”?

    Take a lesson Eric PlunderDUMB. You’ve been banning the wrong people all along and/or deleting the wrong comments.

    Take aim at big boi bryan clark next time… he’s the enemy… not us… we’re trying to COMMUNICATE the truth based on facts… not self interest in a flakey political hack business named “re:organize”

    Take aim at Todd Hoffman as well… he’s worse than Bryan Clark… Let’s verbally BURN all “Learn and Earn” LIARS!!

  • Brian

    I am neither Rothenberg nor affiliated (or formerly affiliated) with ODP.

    I do appreciate your enthusiasm for my blogging, however, even if your swipe at Eric is a little misguided.

  • Cultural Creatives Co-op

    We have MANY reasons to take “swipes” at Eric Vessells… and they are NOT “misguided”

    However, I personally appreciate you publishing the Princeton University video about the completely untrustworthy Diebold voting machines.

    Eric would have blown this off so he could stay in-line with the disingenuous rhetoric being produced by Prince Redfern’s ODP and Vessell’s blind buddies named Bryan Clark and Scott Piepho.

    You’re OK with me as long as you keep publishing information regarding Fair and Honest Elections… just get it right… something that Eric had a REAL hard time doing.

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  • Dave Hickman. Still trying to control the blogosphere with little vitriol levers I see. Be nice to these new guys. I hand picked their PlunderDumbasses.

    …and you said there was no PlunderCrew. Pffft.

  • Stream of Consciousness:

    Cutural Creatives Co-op?…WTF?…Just another spewing anon?…Oh, Dave Hickman!

    Did you just get Hickmaned?

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