Akron Beacon Journal (OH)
January 15 ?

[the Democrat running for Governor] is not expected to mention taxes during the 45-minute speech but instead will focus on ? efforts to stabilize school funding and return jobs to the state.

He also is expected to lay out a road map for Ohio’s economic future that
would carry the state into the next decade.

[Republican Candidate also] used the jobs theme often

The familiar-sounding except above is from an Akron Beacon Journal article- from 1985.

The ABJ later referred to the election as “the trouncing of former Gov. James A. Rhodes by Gov. Richard F. Celeste.”

Oh- and just for the sake of clarity:

trounce? /tra?ns/
?verb (used with object), trounced, trounc?ing.
1. to beat severely; thrash.
2. to punish.
3. to defeat decisively.