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Homosexual PAC Endorses Ted Strickland

Nice one, guys.

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NewsChannel5 is sponsoring the gubernatorial debate in Cleveland on Sept. 20th.

They are asking people to send their educational questions for Republican Ken Blackwell and Democrat Ted Strickland to .

Here are some examples to get you started…

Mr Blackwell:

Why do you hate Ohio’s children?

Are you really planning to sell our schools to foreign investors for 6 million dollars?

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Everything red is blue again…

On September 14, 2006 By

Akron Beacon Journal (OH)
January 15 ?

[the Democrat running for Governor] is not expected to mention taxes during the 45-minute speech but instead will focus on ? efforts to stabilize school funding and return jobs to the state.

He also is expected to lay out a road map for Ohio’s economic future that
would carry the state into the next decade.

[Republican Candidate also] used the jobs theme often

The familiar-sounding except above is from an Akron Beacon Journal article- from 1985.

The ABJ later referred to the election as “the trouncing of […]

Full Story... is running an ad against Senator George “Macaca” Allen for voting against an appropriations bill amendment that would have provided National Guard and Reserves troops being deployed with adequate armor and supplies. It’s a powerful, simple ad.

DeWine voted with Allen.

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Princeton University researchers demonstrate how a Diebold machine can be compromised in under one minute to silently and undetectably steal an election.

This isn’t – or at least shouldn’t be – a partisan issue. Democracy relies on the integrity of elections. Technology can be used to make elections less vulnerable to fraud, but Diebold’s approach clearly isn’t how to achieve that goal. There is an alternative; one whose code is open for public review, and generates a voter-verifiable, auditable paper trail.

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